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Building Industry 4.0 solutions for a better operational efficiency and integrating it with the existing ERP is our expertise. We support hardware manufacturers with IOT offerings to collect, process and present data in a human readable format with advance analytics.

Industry 4.0
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Software Development Partner

We partner with Hardware / Machine manufacturer to build their software to connect to the devices and to collect, process and present data in a human readable format with advance analytics. Higher levels of efficiency could be achieved by more consistent standards, defined through digital technology with increased collaboration.

Industry 4.0

Aagnia helps the manufacturing industries to upscale in their digital space while they can focus on defining their unique value proposition from manifesto to reality. While the industry is getting ready for industrial revolution 4.0, starting to change the way goods are produced, and organizations of all sizes have started to adopt technology to move forward.

Solution Impact

Technology can be put to use for significantly improved forecasting to scale capacity up or down, improved customer experience and operational efficiency. Most of the new entrants to the retail sector are start-ups, and many of these are looking to leverage new technology for sustenance and growth.

Technical Expertise

Digital disruption on the horizon has lead Manufacturing industries to explore opportunities for new products and services – a field where start-ups have a clear advantage given their freedom from outmoded processes, policies or hierarchical structures.

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