Aagnia Technologies is the leading software company in Coimbatore, India, proficient in

  • Outsourced Product Development
  • Mobile Application Development
    • Android Mobile App
    • IOS Mobile App
    • Hybrid App
    • Cross Platform Mobile App
  • Web Application Development
    • Mobile-First Websites
    • Responsive Websites
    • Website Redesign
    • ECommerce Portal Development
    • Content Management Systems
Web App development, CMS, Rich Internet applications
I’ve used web applications, but why would I need that for my Business? Well, it certainly helps you to get along with the rapidly evolving technology and to keep up our pace in the digital world. Aagnia Technologies is the best web development company in Coimbatore, India.

Web Designing and Web Development Services Highlights

  • Customer Interactive Business model in a most comfortable way for both the customer and the business entity, enabling 24/7 support
  • Excellent web presence is more helpful way to retain existing customers and acquire new customers
  • Effective sales channel of your Business present all round the clock for every time zones of the world
  • Seamless business operation with improved customer satisfaction with more automated process
  • Scalable, High performing, Customer friendly e-Business
  • An up-to-date Web application which enables Worldwide Access of the Business

Web Application Development Service Offerings

Rich Internet Web Applications

  • Aagnia Technologies with a decade of experience, builds Rich Internet Applications which is the most efficient way of addressing the merits and demerits of traditional web application.
  • Our Web Applications provide excellent User Experience with the best of both worlds of traditional web and desktop applications.
  • Address all the features and functionalities like Fast loading of web page, best Graphical User Interface, Multimedia content, Responsiveness and Interactivity, Real Time Communication, Ease of Maintenance.

Ecommerce Web Portal

  • The e-commerce web application are of rising importance for business entities to attract potential customers by exposing their products online anywhere and anytime.
  • Aagnia Technologies can help you with your e-commerce domain with best web applications providing interactive, intuitive and dynamic ways to explore the products and services information.
  • The application ensures a good user shopping experience and much faster response to the user's needs online. We use several components such as video, appropriate images and effects to show all product information which the user needs to know the product or service in less time. This makes the overall shopping process easier.

Custom Web Application development

  • Have a startup idea or a proprietary business application? Be it a first-of-a-kind commercial application? Aagnia enables your business to create solutions as best as possible from scratch.
  • Aagnia Technologies is the top website designing company in coimbatore, india and we can help you accomplish the custom website design requirements and create the dream website for your e-business at the earliest.
  • An excellent website is certainly the most important requisite for a business owner, who enters into the online business world and wants to offer 100% satisfaction to the business users.

Content Management System

  • We have profound experience in creating flexible, stable and trendy content management platform that lets editors easily publish content across platforms. Lets create content once and publish it beautifully with the template framework of your choice, as suitable for your business model.
  • We also offer Cloud based solutions for web content management including localized, multi-channel content and business analytics.
  • We do careful considerations in the content planning, content modelling and designing, and content delivery in the right framework, all to assure you a Scalable, Maintainable, future-friendly best Content management system for your enterprise. Don't hesitate to give us a shot!


Responsive and adaptive website design


Technology never stops evolving, so don’t let your portal to. Aagnia designs incredibly flexible portal architectures with an eye for performance, and scalable with increasing loads and users.


Integration Capability to connect a web portal solution to multiple data sources and applications


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Our Development center in Coimbatore offers following services.

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Android Mobile Apps
  • iOS Mobile Apps
  • Cross Platform Mobile Apps
  • Web Application Development
  • Web and Enterprise Portal
  • Website Design and Re-Engineering
  • Content Management Solutions
  • Advanced ECommerce Solutions
  • Business Process Automation
  • Cloud Hosting Services
  • Infrastructure Management Solutions