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Why Outsourced Product Development ? Top 10 Reasons

Outsourcing product development work to India is on the rising trend to accelerate product development, achieve revenue targets, meet functional and non functional requirements (NFRs) like performance, localization, security, maintainability, usability, application availability, scalability, compatibility of the product, and to improve customer satisfaction and thereby achieve increased revenues. India has become the most preferred country worldwide for outsourcing services. India has grown as a top outsourcing destination.

Here are the top 10 reasons why OPD makes a good bet in the current environment in India

  1. Reduced costs
    Indian IT outsourcing services are preferred by world majorly because of its cost-effectiveness. The costs of design, development of the product can be reduced as much as to 30-50% as there are no fixed costs.

  2. Technical Excellence
    Immediate access to the best of talent pools and technically hands on professionals in the outsourcing firm. India has abundant developers who are expert in web technologies and other major platforms viz. android, iOS etc., it has led to an increased demand for outsourcing to India.

  3. Great Customer Service
    More time for Customer interfacing and communication, and to effectively address their pain points and market needs well. Seamless business operation with more approachable and great customer satisfaction quotient with more automated process. Overall the excellence in deadlines and delivery.

  4. Strategical Focus
    Effective management on overall product roadmap, focusing more productively on product innovation, product management, key differentiators, CRM, product marketing. Talent pool who are capable enough to get viable solutions for potential challenges and customized solution for each and every business.

  5. Risk Planning and Mitigation
    Risks are proactively identified and can be mitigated by careful selection of a suitable outsourcing software vendor, probably the one which has good project management system in place. The Product development work is being outsourced, where you have more time for Product management and Risks mitigation.

  6. Faster market penetration
    There is relatively a faster penetration to market. India is considered as a preferred destination for foreign investment. With Information Technology Act, 2000, the field of information technology is on rising boom in India. Indian Government is offering 100% foreign equity and supports IT infrastructure development to provide additional tax saving benefits like Special Economic Zones (SEZ).

  7. Reduced operational overheads
    Day to day operational chores on development activities can be cut down, the product being developed by skilled and experienced professionals with quality not being compromised. Outsourcing definitely yields the operational effectiveness on handing over the technical chores to the experts.

  8. Time zone merits
    The deadlines are mutually agreed upon and the results are delivered as per agreed upon date and time. Indian firms provide 24/7 services, so companies can easily get in touch with firms on the development flow and ensure the schedules and deliverables on time.

  9. Lack of In-house expertise
    There is not an urge to ramp up resources for every possible technology, trending in the market, which is required for the development of your product or service. India provides these staff augmentation services at very low rate as compared to hiring full time in-house development team.

  10. Clear Responsibilities
    The responsibilities and the accountability is made evident to all the stakeholders, in turn there is more clarity on the outcome. The clear cut matrix on the technical, functional and managerial aspects yields successful outcome for the business.

The checkpoints required to be considered when evaluating outsourcing Company in India are:
• Technical Expertise and rich portfolio
• Commitment to Delivery
• Customer Satisfaction Score if applicable from past clients
• Know-hows of the Environment
• Security of the designs and projects
• Sign-off for SOW (Statement of Work or Contract) and at various SDLC phases
• Competitive rates
• Delivery models
• Transparent communication
• Integrity