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Mobile Applications and rapid growth in E-Business

Mobile Everything
Geographically lost? Need to know good restaurants nearby? Feel like Shopping? Need for Banking? Social networking? A Smart mobile phone is all We need! Mobile apps are now our personalized digital assistant for all our queries and assistance of What to, Where to, How to and so on!

Needless to say that mobile based applications enhance the lifestyle to a great extent. Smart mobile phones arrival has indeed made human life revolutionary. People across the world are virtually connected at the touch of a mobile interface.

Why Enterprises Are Adopting Mobile Applications
Mobile applications offers business organizations most innovative and personalized way to interact with customers and partners. Mobile apps are the rising trend and offers new business models and support business processes, customer relationship management, and partner relationship management.

Mobile has become a solution enabler for almost all the industries. We have Automotive mobile apps, mobile ecommerce apps, mobile applications for education purposes, mobile applications for fashion industry, mobile banking solutions, mobile applications for healthcare industry, mobile solutions for food industry, mobile apps for dashboard monitoring, mobile apps in travel industry, and the list is rapidly growing day by day.

Tectonic Shift
This crucial change in customer behavior has motivated businesses to develop mobile channels for their existing business applications, and to plan for new kinds of applications to leverage the mobile devices. The expectations on a Mobile app for an end user has also started rising. The mobile commerce or m-commerce, industry has emerged as an important component in the recent days. Mobile commerce, refers to monetary transactions conducted via a mobile telecommunications network using devices such as mobile phones. Mobile banking is usually available on a 24-hour basis to conduct a range of financial transactions remotely .

The conclusion:
Mobile is seen as the most convenient and personalized mode of communication wherein the business entities can target the mobile for their direct marketing purposes, and hence, the mobile phone is the direct to market strategy.

A study reveals that more than 90 percent of all mobile phone users place their phones within arm’s reach 24/7! So if we want our business to be in front of the customer and do all that marketing for us 24/7, Mobile apps are inevitable. Mobile apps are important for business to gain new customers, retain existing customers, brand establishment, market share etc.

On a bigger note, Mobile services and applications have a profound impact in the socio economy of a country. Why wait? Go for the mobile channel, to take your business to next promising level!

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